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What is a feral cat?
A feral cat is a descendant of a domestic cat that has returned to the wild.  Though members of the same species, feral cats are not socialized to humans and therefore are not adoptable.  Feral cats typically live in colonies and they are often a nuisance to citizens because of behaviors like yowling, fighting, spraying, digging thorough trash, and of course, the endless production of kittens.  In the past, euthanasia was the only means to control the feral cat population, but in recent years, humane organizations have developed programs to give these animals a chance to life.
Sweets enjoying life as a free roaming cat in a nursery
Trap - Neuter - Return Programs
Through these programs, feral cats are trapped (whether by animal control or citizens of the community), sterilized, and released back to the colony they came from. Sterilization is a humane way of controlling the population, and reducing it over time. It also helps stops most of the problem behaviors. In Central Texas, Austin Humane society offers this service free of cost. Many other shelters and vet offices offer this at a low cost as well.

Barn Cat Programs
In some areas (like Pflugerville) city ordinances prohibit the colonizing of feral cats within city limits. Through barn cat programs, these cats can be rehomed into barns, farms, and ranches outside the city, where they live out their lives as mousers, while their basic needs like food, water, and shelter are met by the people who own the facility.

Do you or someone you know own a barn, ranch or farm, where you could use a feral cat?
Pflugerville's Pfurry Pfriends, in partnership with the Pflugerville Animal Shelter, are actively searching for places to transport these feral cats. Cats available through this program are spayed/neutered and have tested negative for any communicable deceases.  Pflugerville Pfurry Pfriends will drive the cats to your property and provide you with the initial setup, food, and necessary supplies to get you started.  If you are interested and able to take in some of these cats and would like to find out more, please email us at for information and to make arrangements.

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shelter at 1600 Waterbrook Drive, in Pflugerville